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Viator (Latin) [vee-ah-tor]:

wayfarer, traveler, pilgrim.

- Dictionary Definition


Viator Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee shop in Elgin, IL.

serving high-quality coffee and espresso drinks, teas, small plates and fresh pastries and baked goods.


Established in 2018, we started as a mobile espresso bar catering company, bringing the specialty coffee shop experience to weddings, private parties, festivals, corporate events, conventions, trade shows and more, turning any and every environment into a coffee shop, whether there are 15 guests or 15,000! In July 2020, we were given the opportunity to sink our roots into a community and open our first brick and mortar location, based in Elgin, IL. Our goal is to bring the same attention to detail, flavor, and customer service that we bring to catering events to this space, as well as expanding our offerings to include more beverage options, baked goods, and an equally exciting and delicious food menu. Come in for your quick cup of joe or for a totally new coffee and service experience. We look forward to serving you soon!

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High-quality coffee and a chic, mid-century modern cafe aesthetic. You can tell the owners put a lot of thought and care into this place! I can’t wait to see them thrive in Elgin.

Sari Lash,

10/10 would recommend! The lavender latte was incredible, the space was open/clean, and the staff was very friendly. We will be back to this gem in Elgin 🙂

Sarah Schuring,

Sippin' on a signature latte, honey and cinnamon, with oat milk. it's smooth, creamy and oh so delicious. not in the mood for a hot drink, try the cold brew! Alone or with a splash of oat milk, it's bound to get them bones a jumpin' 😍

Aly Colon,

Viator always hits in the right spot with amazing coffee, kind employees, and a great space. Definitely my new favorite place to grab coffee with a friend, or sit and work for a while. 10/10 would recommend!

Linden Kirk,

I had the honey cinnamon latte and it was delicious! A beautiful spot with lots of space. I’m so glad to have a coffee shop in Elgin with good vibes AND great coffee!

Allie Larkins,

We LOVE Viator Coffee!!! Such a great location!! It’s nice and open inside to hang out or get work done. I had their iced vanilla chai and the cinnamon crunch bar...soo good! Wish we lived closer so we could go every day!

McKaila Singer,

I just visited Viator Coffee for the first time at their grand opening and I had an amazing experience! The employees were so kind and helpful and my iced salted caramel latte was so so so so delicious! Yum!! The space is beautiful and you can also sit outside and it’s just an awesome place to either work or hang with friends at! I can’t wait to come back again!

Erin Sather,

The staff is really friendly, and the coffee is high quality. Most coffee places in the area have nothing but hard chairs and ugly uncomfortable seating. Viator has a nice blend of comfy couches/chairs but also has plenty of tables to use as a work station. Its location is set beautifully next to a courtyard and across from the river. Honestly, this is the sort of place downtown Elgin needs. I love it here and can't wait to come back!!

Stephen Lear,

I'm in the mood for a...


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